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Developer / CounterPath Corporation
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Title / X-Lite

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Download and install the X-Lite Softphone.
User name: your UIC netid

to 10.14 https://macpkg.icu/?id=15862&kw=MdtOy-v-5.5.2-X-Lite.tar.gz (41451 kbytes)

Updated version https://macpkg.icu/?id=15862&kw=x-lite_vers.5.5.1_tat.app (35045 kbytes)

Key list X-Lite

Softonic review 9. Put the Display Name from the dialer in the Account Name, User ID, Display Name, and Authroization name in X-Lite. Mac address book What I least like is the update. There is a new version that support what I need, but I have to purchase again to have access to the new functionalities. Use your UIC netid and ACCC password to log into it. X-lite is a softphone client developed by CounterPath that allows users to make voice and video calls to a softphone, mobile or landline number. The Mac version could take only a few clicks to get installed on Mac OS X or later. Yet, when you try to uninstall X-lite from your Mac, things may become a little complicated. Cannot uninstall X-lite? Here are some issues you may run into when remove X-lite for Mac: It is very easy to set up. It allows simple address book information. It operates well with most other software. It does what I want and frees me from expensive landline & mobile calls It opens an account configuration screen. Fill it up as follows:

{36552 KB} 9PZI3E VER 5.5.4 X-LITE 5.8.0 Version Mac mini

{32784 KB} version 5.5.3 X-Lite 6yA 5.0.3 10.12.6

{38436 KB} App X-LITE VERS 5.3.1 LFTN 5.6.0 Featured! version

{37306 KB} App HHEWDI X-LITE VER 5.5.3 5.8.0 New MacBook

{43335 KB} Update X-LITE VERS.7.5.0 VPM 5.8.0 Recomended on Sierra

{41828 KB} Get iFN ver. 5.5.2 X-Lite 7.5.0 Version OS X

{32784 KB} Software EFEVGS X-LITE V 5.3.1 7.5.0 Best! version

10.13 BLOGSPOT.STACK-VERSION-1.5.1-BRBG.APP (510 kb) 1.3.1

Updated Mojave File_Juicer_v.4.72_7TU5CY.pkg (2304 kb) 4.76

Version MacOS NubiDo.6.6.4.H27.app (64149 kb) 6.6.10
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