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Traffic2Net is a universal statistics manager to keep track of time and data usage of mobile Internet connections.
Traffic2Net displays the connection details of any given time period in one clearly arranged window. This includes the time online, up- and download volume, average data throughput, peek speeds, and even the IP address and interface used.
Traffic2Net is completely independent from any connection manager, so you can use it regardless of the way you establish a mobile Internet connection. The software works for most 2G and 3G modems available worldwide as well as for iPhone tethering connections.
Traffic2Net allows you to set session and period limits for your connections. This way, you can have a warning displayed on your screen whenever a limit has been reached. A very helpful feature to avoid any additional payments caused by overstepping your data plan's limits.

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Recomended! version ANY_MUSIC_CUTTER_6.99_AI4OJ3.PKG | 10951 kbytes | 4.103

New! version Snow.Leopard.Compatibility.Checker.vers.1.2.2.kLAPxt.tar.gz | 547 kbytes | 3.0.2

Recomended Mac mini METADOCTOR-PRO-2.0.8-E9XD.TAR.GZ | 7101 kbytes | 2.0.9

Best on Mojave f47cPI.vers.1.3.Alien.Invasion.tar.gz | 27766 kbytes | 1.1

iMac lkhq3T_version_5.3.19_Pickpocket.app | 65 kbytes | 3.3.23

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