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Path of Exile Sentinel was released with the attention of many players. New characters and new scenes will bring us endless fun. Among them, the game mechanism this time is also very concerned. Sentinel mechanics add another layer of extreme complexity in the form of sentry controllers. In a nutshell, a controller is a specialized passive skill tree that affects how Sentinels behave, which usually results in a larger overall bonus. As powerful as Sentinels are, they don't last long.

Each Sentinel can only be used a certain number of times, and once exhausted, they are useless in battle. Where we can disassemble two depleted Sentinels of any kind to create a new fully charged hybrid of the first two. Some mods from both disassembled Sentinels can be transferred to new mods, but new mods can also be unpredictable, making each crafting process unique and exciting. This new game mechanism will attract me to prepare more POE Currency to participate in the game.

If you are a new player, you must not know how to choose a POE Currency seller. Our first and foremost criteria are safety and legality. POECurrency has been established for a long time and has a lot of experience. I feel confident with every transaction. I can still enjoy the lowest price on the whole network. I am also very satisfied with the services they provide, and I will often go to POECurrency to learn more about the game. If you are very demanding, I believe POECurrency can meet it.
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