for Mac how install 🖤 Match 3 game with dogs.

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➦ Dress-up Pups vers 2.0

Dress-up Pups...Pattie's boss is out of town, leaving her in charge of the Dress-up Pups fashion agency. Help her prove herself by dressing up the different dogs in hilarious outfits! Featuring hilarious dialogue and graphics, power-ups, and several variations on classic Match 3 gameplay, Dress-up Pups is a guaranteed recipe for hours of laughs! Form chains of matching symbols to clear them from the grid and put the outfits together for your clients.
- Hilarious characters
- Exciting gameplay
- Manage a dog fashion business!

Featured! version ROB8_VERS.2.2_DRESS-UP_PUPS.DMG


New to Sierra


Recomended on OS X EugiKa.vers.2.1.Dress-up.Pups.tar.gz

Best to Mojave qMlM_vers_4.0_Dress-up_Pups.tar.gz

New on OS X

Big Fish Games

Recomended! version Mocha_ver_1.1.2_slF7C.pkg [494 KB] 3.1.1

Recomended! version Kuuvik.Capture.vers.6.2.O9doQs.tar.gz [3579 KB] 4.1

on iMac Pro FJE07_VERSION_3.0_GAMEWIDGET.APP [8085 KB] 1.4

OS X 3.4.0_:54689303:_Vienna_WQx0FZ.tar.gz [11501 KB] 3.5.0 :c42d4483:

Featured! version GoMBoX_v.1.6_k1c9c.pkg [171 KB] 1.5

Version 10.11 02UE_V.1.5_PEOPLE_CLIPART.TAR.GZ [13824 KB] 3.2

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