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2.9.6 WorksWell

With WorksWell, design great looking PDF documents. WorksWell can merge your data, eg from iTunes to make CD Labels. Create Reports, Forms, Charts, Presentations and so much more.
WorksWell is a powerful document creation tool with excellent graphics capabilities and many novel and useful features. Documents can be multi-paged, pages can be multi-layered and graphic objects can be grouped into more complex shapes. Documents can be made into palettes so their contents are conveniently available to be reused in other documents. Using palettes allows you to build up comprehensive libraries of easy to use building blocks, or use themed palettes that others have created. One of DrawWell's more unusual and very powerful features is its built-in merging capability. Merge tokens are dragged onto the document and then data is substituted when the document is printed. Data sources include iTunes, iPhoto, number sequences.

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on 10.11.5 ckLGEQ-WorksWell-vers-2.10.6.tar.gz {10236 KB}

Featured! version vers.2.9.9.WorksWell.OVXW95.tar.gz {9548 KB}

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New! version QBSERVE.V.1.67.R6KOSH.ZIP | 3981 kbytes | 3.82

High Sierra VER-1.23-BETA-WXHEXEDITOR-0RK.DMG | 2795 kbytes | 0.27 Beta

Version to MacOS | 162508 kbytes | 2.4

Get D3aCOX 2.11.6 WorksWell 2.12.6 Recomended! version

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Download vers.2.9.10 WorksWell rvDcS 2.9.7 10.14.3

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