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Description: Lighten Software Limited
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Word Processing
PDF to Word Converter

v 6.2.0 PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word Converter is a highly accurate and easy-to-use application which converts PDF files into Microsoft Word document, keeping the original content, layout and formatting. Stop retyping PDF content manually today. With Lighten PDF to Word Converter, copying from PDF or reusing content in Word documents couldn't be easier.

- Start with a neat and clear interface, start conversion immediately without learning
- Convert PDF precisely. Support PDF with multi-column, graphics, tables, formatting, and preserve everything perfectly in Microsoft Word
- Let you import and convert as many PDFs as you like
- Convert any particular pages (e.g., 1,5-10,21, or all pages) to save your time
- Built-in PDF reader is a good way to view a batch of PDFs within the app
- Convert a 100-page PDF file within a minute
- Support PDF with copying and printing restrictions
- Convert PDF to plain text (.txt)
- Supports Microsoft Office 2008/2011

New on 10.12 zeg-v-7.2.0-pdf-to-word-converter.dmg | 14623 kbytes |

Recomended for 10.13.6 r5jqw_6.2.4_pdf_to_word_converter.dmg | 14135 kbytes |

Lighten Software Limited
Official site:

New for MacBook Hjs7B9-Energy.saver-v.2.0.app [68 kbytes] 3.0

Featured! version BADIA-EXPORTOOLS-PROFESSIONAL-VERS.6.0.1-JANHM.TAR.GZ [13824 kbytes] 7.0.0

Featured! version FM8.v. [115706 kbytes] 2.3.2

Version High Sierra 9ypKHi_vers_4.7_Shortcut_Bar.app [4701 kbytes] 2.2

Recomended! version 2CV6FR.VERSION.6.1.K_KITCHEN.PKG [1490 kbytes] 4.2

[10723 KB] Download SgW PDF to Word Converter ver. 6.2.1 6.0.0 Featured on MacOS

[12673 KB] Download EDGI VER 6.2.2 PDF TO WORD CONVERTER 6.2.1 New for El Captan

[14013 KB] Update vers 5.1.2 PDF to Word Converter SWdLS 6.0.0 Best 10.14.3

[10967 KB] Software CVWLY VER 6.2.1 PDF TO WORD CONVERTER 6.2.2 Recomended! version

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