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Clyppan is a clipboard manager and history app that is always at your fingertips. It keeps a list of text you have copied to the clipboard and allows you to paste it again by selecting it from the list within Clyppan. Clyppan is designed to be sleek, simple, elgant and get out of your way.
- Always at your fingertips: all of Clyppan's functionality can be reach via the keyboard. Clyppan is designed so that you never need to reach for the mouse‚ unless you want to.
- Rapid Paste: use Rapid Paste keyboard shortcut to put the next item in Clyppan's list on to the clipboard. This is a great way of pasting multiple items without switching away from the application you're working in.
- Quick Preview: get a better look at what you've copied. The Quick Preview feature allows you to view the whole text, not just the first line. Simply select a clipping from the list and hit Spacebar to bring up the Quick Preview window.
- iTunes-like Search: find any clipping fast by using the built in search functionality. You can also search for the application where you copied the clipping from.
- Persistent: all clippings are stored on disk, so your clippings are safe even if you restart Clyppan or even restart your Mac.

Best 10.13.5 Lp8S-2.2.1-Clyppan.pkg

Featured to MacOS Clyppan.3.0.1.Z4WonB.pkg

MacOS Clyppan-ver.-2.0.2-2vy.dmg

Version Mojave fXPI0m-2.0.3-Clyppan.dmg

Updated Mac Pro 7V6TJM-Clyppan-vers-2.0.5.app


Ole Morten Halvorsen
Official site:

Key for repack

New for OS X Affero.2.v.1.4.1sXcg.pkg [8908 kb] 1.1

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on OS X 9vP-WebCentral-v.3.0.app [784 kb] 1.4

New to MacOS version_1.5.5_Records_oHb6L.zip [9633 kb] 1.5.6

(481 kb) App 3sGsa Clyppan version 2.0.4 2.0.2 Recomended! version

(465 kb) Free RCKBT VER. 2.1.1 CLYPPAN 2.0.5 Featured on 10.12.4

(542 kb) Download 57y ver 4.0.1 Clyppan 2.1.1 Version MacBook

(599 kb) App Clyppan version 2.0.3 LP9 4.0.1 Featured MacBook

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