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◉ v.2.4 Proxify Widget

The Proxify Widget is a simple Dashboard Widget which provides easy access to the Proxify anonymous proxy service.
The Proxify service is an anonymous proxy service which allows anyone to surf the Web privately and securely. Unlike other proxies, there is no software to install or complicated instructions to follow. Just visit Proxify with your Web browser and enter a URL (website address) in the form provided. Through Proxify, you can use websites but they cannot uniquely identify or track you. Proxify hides your IP address and our encrypted connection prevents monitoring of your network traffic. Once using Proxify, you can surf normally and forget that it is there, protecting you.
Proxify will fetch and then modify each webpage that you visit so that all resources in it (such as links, images, and form submissions) point back through Proxify. Proxify will also filter out unsafe and undesirable webpage components such as popups, banner advertisements, and malicious JavaScript code. In this way, you are kept anonymous from every website that you visit.
Proxify is a wholly owned subsidiary of UpsideOut, Inc. and operates out of New York, USA. We are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of our users. Proxify has published a Privacy Policy to detail the information that we may gather about individuals who visit our website, how that information is used, and Proxify's disclosure practices.

on 10.11 ver..2.7.Proxify.Widget.GmANlZ.pkg (97 kb)

Featured! version 7alp.proxify.widget.ver..3.4.tar.gz (96 kb)

Recomended on El Captan Proxify_Widget_v.2.8_ZETl2K.dmg (107 kb)

Sierra Rkm.Proxify.Widget.v.4.4.app (78 kb)

New! version 2tp.2.6.Proxify.Widget.zip (87 kb)

UpsideOut, Inc.

Recomended! version iPhoto-Library-Manager-version-6.2.7-bQH.zip [7024 KB] 5.2.7

New El Captan zBkpg_CricLive_v.3.2.2.tar.gz [3777 KB] 1.2.4

New MacBook Pro XD3O.Omni.Remover.2.8.0.zip [12807 KB] 2.5.1

| 98 KB | Update ver. 2.8 Proxify Widget fnUMg 3.4 New 10.11

| 76 KB | Free PROXIFY WIDGET VERS 2.7 XZZRS 3.4 Updated on Mac Pro

| 103 KB | Get PROXIFY WIDGET 2.5 FXD 2.8 Mac

| 99 KB | Free 26ZFHY V.2.7 PROXIFY WIDGET 2.6 Featured! version

| 78 KB | App Proxify Widget v.2.6 kEVlJm 4.4 New! version

| 74 KB | Free vers 3.4 Proxify Widget U3vJ5 2.5 10.13.4

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