infinite cloud storage accesible from anywhere; free 10 gb account. how install 10.14.2

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Note: Bitcasa is no longer in development.
Bitcasa is the personal app that integrates infinite storage, sync, backup, and share into your desktop and across all your devices.
- Store everything you own - With Bitcasa, you can store all your data, including entire external drives, and never have to worry about storage again.
- Bitcasa is safe - Bitcasa encrypts your data before storing it in cloud. You can now safely store all your memories without ever having to worry about them getting into the wrong hands.
- Access from anywhere - Once you've stored your data in Bitcasa, you can access it from any device. Your data is intelligently streamed from the cloud and does not take up any space on your device.

Bitcasa provides 5 GB free storage. Larger capacities are available, and pricing plans can be found here.

El Captan Bitcasa.3.0.1.AuRTIu.dmg [35328 KB]

Best! version B5ZUY-VER.-3.0.3-BITCASA.ZIP [29491 KB]

Official site:

Best on MacBook Air AssetsGenerator_ver._1.4.0_HyPT.tar.gz (393 kb) 1.6.0

Featured! version ver.1.4M.The.Clockwork.Man:.The.Hidden.World.9fV7.pkg (295772 kb) 1.1M

Updated version (340 kb) 1.2.7

(28569 KB) Download Bitcasa 3.0.1 o1AyJ9 5.0.0 Updated for OS X

(25497 KB) Bitcasa ver. 5.0.0 d6S 3.3.0 New to Mac Pro

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