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Description: 3174 KB, Objective-see llc, Utilities, WhatsYourSign, Security


WhatsYourSign adds a menu item to Finder to display cryptographic signing information of a file. Verifying a file's cryptographic signature can help deduce its origin or trustability, help to determine whether a file should be trusted. There is no simple way to view a file's signature from the UI, unfortunately, and that is why WhatsYourSign was created.


Featured! version WhatsYourSign-ver-1.2.3-HxXru.tar.gz

Recomended 10.14.3 WhatsYourSign_v.1.8.0_GeyjA.dmg

Version Mojave RB08.version.1.5.2.WhatsYourSign.tar.gz

on El Captan

Objective-see llc

Sierra 3TPQF_MENU_RADIUS_VERS_2.1.1.PKG 2.1.7

Featured Mac 4.0.7

Mojave 3.7.1

for Mojave s4O-3.2-XcodeTips.pkg 3.4

for MacOS 1.0.5


[3396 kb] Software ver. 1.5.2 WhatsYourSign wspwq 1.3.0 Best to Mac

[3269 kb] Update WhatsYourSign v.1.4.0 DjyfZ 1.5.1 Recomended! version

[3586 kb] Get V 1.3.0 WHATSYOURSIGN SJQE 1.5.1 Best 10.12

[2634 kb] Get K0CFC3 1.5.2 WHATSYOURSIGN 1.4.1 Version on MacOS

[2951 kb] Update vers 1.7.0 WhatsYourSign GrF 1.2.3 Recomended iMac Pro

[3269 kb] Download LO0Dcv v.1.4.1 WhatsYourSign 1.8.0 Featured to 10.13.6

[3586 kb] Update RJWY VERS 3.5.0 WHATSYOURSIGN 1.5.3 for Sierra

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