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Roccat Browser is an fast and powerful browser. It has lots of great and unique features such as:
- VisiTabs which gives a preview of the Web site in the tab.
- Navigate Launchers- assign letters or words to navigate to Web pages, there are already many preloaded ones
- Ad-Remover built within the engine
- Great internal engine effects, purple glows on inputs, hold down on text field for 5 seconds for them to enlarge.
- Email-Previewer; tells you when a link is an email link and tells you the link
- Change User Agents- View sites which need other browser, view Apple's videos which require Safari etc...
- A choice of VisiTabs, normal tabs, or both, a bookmarks bar which fully supports bookmarklets
- Downloads files and programs really easily and quickly
- Gets 100/100 in the Acid3 test
- New Download Manager, and now has fullscreen mode
- integration for instant URL shortening.
- Undercover browsing
- Social page sharing / online email sharing
- eBuddy Widget (chat with your Facebook, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and AIM friends, no matter what tab you are on)
- English, French, and German localization
- Ability to import Bookmarks
- OS X 10.7 Lion fullscreen support
- Roccat Munch cookie management
- Auto reloader (5, 10, 15, or 30 seconds)
- The amazing RClouds (beta) which allows you to backup your settings, open tabs, imported bookmarks, bookmarks, navigate launchers, history, and much more. RClouds allows you to restore your backups to any Mac so your browsing session can be anywhere you want it to be!
- RClouds Reset allows you to reset your browser to factory settings (especially useful when you've restored your data to a public computer.
- Cinnamon on the RClouds now means faster updating, as it intelligently looks for the servers with the least traffic.
- We have even purchased the rights of exclusivity with so now only Roccat users can use the service!

Why not try Cookie Stumbler to manage Roccat's cookies in the most secure way?

Best MacOS (5483 KB)

to Mojave e6M_version_8.6_Roccat_Browser.pkg (6161 KB)

Best El Captan (5691 KB)

on 10.12 (5744 KB)

Official site:

Torrent version key Roccat Browser 8.5

Best! version {392140 KB} 2.0

for MacOS {3978 KB} 1.4.1

| 4960 KB | Roccat Browser v.8.9 36lzxT 10.5 Featured! version

| 5117 KB | y8mQJe Roccat Browser version 8.6 8.1 Updated to El Captan

| 4334 KB | Software ROCCAT BROWSER VERS 9.5 DTJCI 8.0 New! version

| 5848 KB | Free UAZCPD VERS.7.3 ROCCAT BROWSER 8.1 Featured El Captan

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