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Mag2GO is a digital-publishing application that repurposes magazines, periodicals, and other publications to formats for mobile devices. It creates iOS and Android apps, and publishes your magazine into the app. You are able to create Newsstand magazine apps and standard apps for Apple App Store and Google Play.
Both online and offline reading are supported by repurposed app. Readers can read directly online without waiting for content to download first, or cam tap the Download button to download in the background for offline reading. It also allows your readers to preview some pages before subscribing or buying. This feature will convert more readers into paying customers. Moreover, Mag2GO lets you fully customize the interface for your app. It transforms your magazine app to match your brand. You can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes. With Mag2GO, you are able to embed video and hyperlinks in the pages of your magazine. It also has the ability to place advertising banners on the storefront.

Recomended Mac

for 10.11.6

OS X ver.-2.0-mag2go-bjkrz.dmg

Updated for OS X MAG2GO-VERS.1.2-LKIO0.TAR.GZ

Updated Mac Pro njzH.version.1.4.Mag2GO.dmg

Alive Software Inc.

Serial key 1.0 Mag2GO

Updated for High Sierra version.2.0.0.Pingey.rAI5.dmg | 9304 kbytes | 1.0.2

Featured for High Sierra | 6364 kbytes | 2.3.6

Recomended for MacBook Pro | 161 kbytes | 2.2.2

Version OS X | 1070 kbytes | 4.0.2

Updated Mac | 37773 kbytes |

Free VVMNn 2.0 Mag2GO 1.2 OS X

Get 10PRYP VER 3.0 MAG2GO 1.1 Version for 10.12.6

uca v 2.0 Mag2GO 3.0 Best! version

Free vers.1.2 Mag2GO fBRXW3 1.1 Version on 10.14

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