for Mac Pro how install 2.2.1 Sketchode

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Description: Sketchode; Graphics and Design; Designs and Graphics; IT Top; 12390 KB


Sketchode is a graphical representation of a design project created in Sketch that helps you optimize mobile and desktop applications development. It has significantly improved the process of creating designs and web-based interfaces. Sketchode is a software solution that can restore in its graphical user interface any design project created with the help of Sketch, and provide visual access to the data on any of the design elements.
Having finished the GUI development in Sketch, Designer exports the project in a format compatible with Sketchode using additional Sketch plug-in ( Opening the project with Sketchode, Developer gets access to all the necessary design materials presented in a simple and convenient form. Thanks to tight integration in Jira and opportunities to link its accounts to Sketch and Sketchode, it's easy to automatically download/upload design projects directly from/into an issue.
Sketchode allows you to:
- View the complete tree of the elements used in the original design project in the navigation panel and display the restored version in preview mode
- Get access to the design elements in the preview window and in the export preview panel
- Display all the necessary information on a selected object
- Display a selected item in the export preview panel
- Export an item or a group of items into files in the extension specified by User
- Send and upload Sketchode projects into Jira, by simply specifying the issue number

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

New! version {12390 kbytes}

Featured OS X SKETCHODE_VERS.4.2.1_NREHKK.TAR.GZ {10035 kbytes}

New MacOS ver..2.2.3.Sketchode.jrz2.tar.gz {14744 kbytes}

Featured! version uegsri.ver.2.2.4.sketchode.tar.gz {12761 kbytes}

Featured iMac Pro mz4zom-sketchode-ver-1.3.2.dmg {10531 kbytes}

Updated version vers-2.5.1-sketchode-f6h.tar.gz {13876 kbytes}

IT Top

iMac v.3.1-Finch-for-Inbox-84BY.tar.gz | 1621 kbytes | 2.5

10.14 8DRj-vers.R232578-WebKit.pkg | 53355 kbytes | 241582

Sierra 2.0.8-FCS-Maintenance-Pack-Network-Admin-xey.tar.gz | 4938 kbytes | 1.2.8

Version 10.12.5 1.9.28_Excentro_Lite_xZPxB.tar.gz | 6622 kbytes | 1.9.21

Recomended to El Captan qsE4W-QTSpaces-vers-1.0.2.pkg | 236 kbytes | 1.0.5

Version 10.13 World' | 55792 kbytes |

(11770 kbytes) Software TISH SKETCHODE V 2.5.1 3.2.1 OS X

(13629 kbytes) Download Xfn Sketchode vers.2.2.5 2.5.1 on 10.13.5

(13257 kbytes) App DLe Sketchode ver. 2.4.1 2.2.3 Featured! version

(10159 kbytes) Update Sketchode 2.2.3 FemnX 2.2.5 Updated for 10.11.5

(14744 kbytes) Software v 2.2.2 Sketchode feC 2.3.1 to High Sierra

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